Woodstock Jewellers
A collective of local jewellers in Cape Town, South Africa



Woodstock Jewellers is a collective established by Sharon Botha & York VRVO in 2013, located  in the heart of Cape Town’s Design District.

Woodstock Jewellers is a platform for individual jewellery artists expressing themselves in one space through the art of jewellery making.

Each Woodstock Jeweller designs and manufactures by hand within the retail workspace. The studio and workshop create one space, allowing you to experience locally designed jewellery making in real time, giving you hands on advice and the opportunity for quick and easy alterations and customisations.


Client Reviews

From the girl who runs the weekend stall in the Old Biscuit Mill, to the designer (and even his mum!) —they were all super friendly and accommodating. Here resides a man who obviously has a passion for his craft. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them.
— Christopher Garratt
I had had an AMAZING experience with the Owner and team at VRVO! In fact I may have to visit once more before returning home. All the best!
— Michel Boyd

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