Justine Shelly


Anvil&I was established in 2014 by Cape Town-based designer, Justine Shelly, whose passion is creating urbane, high-quality jewellery. With simplicity as her guiding principle,

Justine’s focus lies on clean uncluttered lines, and refinement with an edge. Every piece is handmade with careful attention to detail, using superior metals such as silver and brass.

Anvil&I brings together form and function by combining quality materials to fashion smart, simple and sophisticated pieces, with a stylish twist. This brand makes a quiet yet pronounced statement - creating inspired and distinctive jewellery, tailored for everyday wear.

Clean lines and smart, simple forms are the base of each piece of jewellery offered by the Anvil&I range. With beautiful and minimalist designs, lifestyle and sophistication are the ultimate focus of every creation of Cape Town based designer, Justine Shelly.